Thursday, November 1, 2007

Introductions and On Surviving Oncology

I never was afraid of the cancer--
but I was always afraid of the chemotherapy.

Just after coming back from Seattle having just attended a Death and Dying CE for health care providers hosted by, I was feeling a bit nauseous. I thought that I must have gotten sick in Seattle; so I said to myself, “I better go see a doctor.” Then I thought, “I’m a doctor. And those herbs work really well for nausea. I should go get some herbs.”

I started feeling better as soon as I took my first drink of the herbs. A couple of days later, I felt pretty much A-OK. Later that night, while palpating my abdomen, I felt the edge of my spleen. “Wow, I not supposed to be able to feel that! My spleen is swollen. Maybe I got hepatitis or something in Seattle. I better go see a real doctor.”

An abdominal Ultrasound, MRI, CT scan and needle biopsy later, I was diagnosed with Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma [DLBCL]. I probably had that cancer for over 5 years living behind my gut. I thought that this fat stomach was just part of my precious human body.

I am a Naturopathic Physician and a Licensed Acupuncturists, basically a scientist and Naturalist, an American Natural Health Doctor with a twist of Oriental Medicine. After all is said and done, the herbs don’t think if they are Asian, European or American; they are just herbs doing their thing.

I had treated a few cancer patients during my practice with pretty good results. They all did well. Some did quite well.

Freaking out like anyone else, my first response was research. Next, consultations. Then, make my own plan. The result, Natural Cancer Wellness.

What is Natural Cancer Wellness?

As we all know orthodox cancer treatments are pretty rough. It’s a War on Cancer. This War is not fought in a foreign country; the battlefield is your own body. It’s a chemical war using poisoning and burning, a nuclear war irradiating and burning, a surgical war cutting or burning. The battlefield is your own precious human body.

Natural Cancer Wellness is an attempt to minimize the negative and maximize the positive, to protect the life of the body while promoting the elimination of cancer.

The best compliment came as from my oncologist who after 5 cycles of chemo said one day,

“I don’t think that all that stuff you are doing has been helping to get rid of your cancer but I am surprised that you managed to stay out of the hospital while taking my treatments.”

Even though I wasn’t feeling all that good, staying out of a hospital bed was definitely better.

Being healthier, having a higher quality of life, during cancer treatment is very controversial. No one wants to interfere with the potential to eliminate the cancer. However, some healthy therapies have been shown to both increase the effectiveness of the War on Cancer while improving the quality of life and, when the time comes, the transition to the after life.

Currently new strategies in cancer care are seeking to induce normal cell death, Apoptosis, at a normal cell's rate.

Previously and currently cancer is understood to be a genetic disease and the War uses strategies to attack the nucleus and disrupt cell division cycles.

When we look at cancer as being a disease based in part on faulty apoptosis, faulty membrane dynamics, we concentrate on returning cells back to a normal rate of apoptosis. By using healthy therapies to return cells back to a normal rate of apoptosis, normal cells may not be adversely affected. The goal is to develop therapies that promote health while selectively targeting cancer cells.

Fish oils, flax seed oils and the like help promote normal cell membrane dynamics reducing cholesterol, heart disease, inflammation, arthritis, and cancer. This coupled with the knowledge that the final common pathway for normal apoptosis requires and involves a molecule of phosphatidyl serine flipping from inside the cell membrane to outside and since generally both fish oils and lecithin are deficient in the modern diets, essential fatty acids and phosphatidyl serine might be among the key factors in inducing [through their lack], reducing [through their presence] and eliminating cancer [restoring apoptosis].

In the War on Cancer ideally we want a drug that will selectively kill cancer cells while promoting the health of the body. We have found that method for many cancer patients by using Radically High Doses of buffered and mineralized Vitamin C Intravenously, Ascorbate Oxidative Therapy. In foods Vitamin C is known as an antioxidant but when introduced in super high concentrations intravenously Vitamin C will release free radicals in the blood and in the fluids between the cells. Working similar to radiation therapy, at 400 mg/dl or better the breakdown of Vitamin C releases free radicals that selectively kill cancer cells while leaving human cells unharmed for 99% of the population.

We are doing better in the War on Cancer and we will be doing even better still. The need is there; the demand is there; the science is there; and soon the therapies, Natural Cancer Wellness, will be there for you too!